a bespoke application to suit your needs

We design and develop a bespoke application for you that works on over 1300 devices currently on the market including iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, HTC.

We work with Apple OS, Android, JAVA/J2ME, BREW and Windows Mobile to give a very wide range of compatibility. Our content optimisation system ensures your content is optimised for multiple mobile device based formats.

a global approach

As well as rapid application development for all of these handsets, platforms, screen sizes and UIs, we can also handle multiple languages and currencies for your application so that it can be distributed globally.

Want to have your application branded to your marketing channels? Or perhaps different branding, pricing or customer support contact points for different countries and languages? We have experience of all of these deployment issues and can help you solve all your go-to-market concerns.

specialist design and development

We have specialist designers who are experienced in the unique challenges that designing for mobile deployment presents. We know how to design solutions that compensate for the less-than-perfect mobile network and limited capability devices currently in your customers hands around the world. Our design and development teams will ensure that your service is perceived as beautiful, functional and intuitive on any device, irrespective of screen size, UI, or mobile network.