J2ME mobile application development

Java™ Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) is the version of the Java programming language designed for mobile applications, and it is by far the most popular mobile platform available. With the current flood of new platforms coming to the market it is hard to judge which will be dominant in a few years time, but for now Java™ is the most widespread. It is the most used platform for mobile phones, both in terms of number of different devices that use it and the quantity of those phones that are in user's hands. amoja has the expertise to make your app available to the hundreds of thousands of J2ME users out there.

J2ME provides a robust, flexible environment for native application development. Applications based on Java™ are suitable for many devices but use each device's native capabilities. Developing a J2ME mobile application involves considering the many different devices that support it. This means a wide variety of screen sizes and user interfaces (from numerical keyboard and qwerty keyboard to touch screen).

Amoja has experience of dealing with all of these issues as well as how to build an application that people really want and how to get it out into the market & support your users afterwards.

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